Why SenseAware


One of the fastest ways to improve your bottom line is to tighten up security with SenseAware. Our remote monitoring service can help you reduce the risk of lost or stolen shipments or inventory and speed up recoveries. You can view current location information down to street level. SenseAware will alert stakeholders to critical events, such as leaving a designated route or when a shipment is opened.

When failure is not an option.

Whether it’s financial documents going to a bank or customer data tapes traveling to a vault, MNX uses SenseAware to monitor shipment conditions.

What are you shipping?


What’s important to you?

Route-based geofence

Light exposure

Let’s get started

Set designated route with geofence and light trigger

Security alert — is the product secure?


Call driver to confirm shipment security

Shipment is delivered and journey data is shared


Call law enforcement

Shipment is recovered and delivered

What’s next?

Analyze supply chain for tighter security

Confirm with customer for custodial control

Archive data for company record

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MNX uses SenseAware to prevent piracy, saving potentially millions of dollars. What could you save?

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