Why SenseAware

Asset Management

Time is money, so why waste time looking for parts, tools, or products that aren’t where they’re supposed to be? Always have your inventory in sight with SenseAware. Whether the challenge is equipment on the move or deep frozen products in a warehouse, you can know the status of their integrity, location, and security.

When tool monitoring keeps the wheels up.

United Airlines uses SenseAware to maintain visibility of valuable tools during transit.

What are you shipping?

What’s important to you?



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Set parameters and alerts

Entered geofence alert — is my shipment where it’s supposed to be?


To save time, staff is notified that the product is approaching delivery

Product is delivered


GPS determines it’s on site at the wrong location

Staff is notified to retrieve product and deliver to the correct location

What’s next?

Improve supply chain efficiencies to avoid future delays

Utilize past product movements for better inventory control

Analyze delivery details to predict staffing needs

Calculate what‘s at stake

Losing a valuable tool can cost United Airlines more than $100,000. What could you save?

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