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Integrity & Compliance

Use SenseAware to verify integrity and custodial control throughout the shipment’s journey. Manage the information to maximize efficiency and speed up customs, compliance, and reporting. Invite stakeholders to join the journey for easy and productive collaboration.

When every sample is vital.

Providing a bone marrow sample is extremely painful for a cancer patient. med fusion monitors each sample’s integrity and location with SenseAware.

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Set parameters and alerts

Temperature alert — can the product be saved?


Turn down temperature or re-ice

Shipment is delivered and journey data is shared


Proactively send a replacement

Replacement is delivered

What’s next?

Alter truck temperature for future shipments

Improve packaging to avoid future temperature excursions

Archive date for future audit

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To save lives, med fusion uses SenseAware for monitoring the integrity and location of priceless patient samples. What could you save?

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Experience SenseAware Single Journey Now