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What is SenseAwareSM?

SenseAwareSM powered by FedEx provides you with enhanced visibility during shipping, allowing you to take control of your supply chain. SenseAware helps you heighten security, improve efficiency and productivity, and gain confidence from business partners and clients.

What is SenseAware

Using a multi-sensor device, SenseAware collects and transmits data from inside packages, pallets, trailers, and warehouses using wireless communication. The data is sent in near real-time to a powerful online application for monitoring and analysis.

SenseAware’s web-based application makes it easy to transform information into insight:

  • Web-based platform that is easily accessible and can be used with or without FedEx transportation services.
  • Near real-time visibility of environmental conditions and location.
  • A powerful vantage point for managing all of your critical shipments and devices.
  • Permission-based access to share predetermined data with business partners and other interested parties.
  • Customizable triggers and alerts that can be preset before travel and changed while in transit.