How It Works

There is opportunity in the journey.

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Set up the journey

Program journey

Select the conditions you want to monitor, pre-set data ranges, and specify routes and areas to trigger alerts.

Invite stakeholders

Choose the internal and external stakeholders you want to be able to view information and receive alerts and collaborate throughout the journey.

The journey

Activate and pack

You can pack the device inside the shipment or inventory item’s packaging or attach it to the outside.

Monitor and receive alerts and notifications

Monitor your shipment or item in inventory on your desktop, smart phone, or web-enable device.


Collaborate with stakeholders regarding intervention, delivery, and compliance.

Unpack and return device

A customized box can be provided to easily return the device.

Post journey

Generate reports

Generate reports upon delivery to verify custodial control, ensure carrier compliance, and other processes.

Improve efficiency

Use data to implement process improvements throughout your supply chain or inventory management system.

Retrieve archived data

In the event of an audit, customer complaint, or process improvement initiative, you can recall archived data for reporting and analysis.

What you can know

  • Temperature

    • 60°C to as low as -195°C (+140°F to -319°F)
    • Preset a temperature range to trigger alerts
  • Humidity

    • Monitor and verify humidity
    • Preset a humidity range to trigger alerts
  • Pressure

    • Monitor and verify pressure
  • Shock

    • Monitor your fragile shipments or inventory for shock
    • Receive alerts for shock events
  • Light exposure

    • Know when and where your shipment or inventory is exposed to light
    • Verify that a shipment has not been opened
  • Current location

    • See current location down to street level on Google maps
  • Route Alerts

    • Designate a route and SenseAware will alert you when your shipment enters or leaves that route
  • Location alerts

    • Designate an area to receive alerts if your shipment or inventory crosses into or out of that area.
  • Time-Based location alerts

    • Designate an area and specify a time or day. SenseAware will alert you if your shipment does or doesn’t leave or enter the designated area at the specified time

How will you know

SenseAware 2000

The SenseAware 2000 has advanced monitoring abilities and communicates with a robust application via a 2G cellular network. This device also supports a dry ice and a cryogenic probe to help monitor integrity of your product at temperatures as low as -195C.

Know More

SenseAware PT300D

The SenseAware PT300D operates on 3G cellular network, which increases global coverage of SenseAware service. This device can report as frequently as every 1 minute, giving more visibility into your supply chain. Superior location reading and exact lux value of light exposure help get a deeper insight into the security of your product.

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