Know More. Know Now.

If something happened to your shipment, would you want to know hours, days, or weeks later? SenseAwareSM, a FedEx innovation, gives you the power to know now.

Reduce risk and boost profitability


Verify custodial control, know if a shipments been tampered with, and recover stolen or lost shipments faster.

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Integrity & Compliance

Monitor and verify conditions in your shipment or inventory, know when it’s time to intervene, and automate reporting for compliance.

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Asset Management

Maintain visibility of products, tools, parts, and equipment in your facility or down to street level.

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Meet our customers

Various industries

“We don’t want something that we’ve put all of our time into to just go off into the distance. We like to know where it is and that it’s doing okay.”

Space Systems Engineer, Kentucky Space

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Logistics providers

“When a shipment is compromised, we know when and where — actionable information — often making a successful recovery possible.”

Senior Vice President, MNX Global Logistics

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“We don’t make money with airplanes on the ground. We use SenseAware to gather our tooling and push them out to the next repair.”

Shift Manager, United Airlines

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“We’re not going to assume, we’re going to know…and the data will drive our decisions rather than the assumptions.”

Chief Medical Officer, med fusion

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